Writing My Wrongs | The Kela Lewis-Morin Story

When Kela discovered his ability to write, he found a way to write his wrong.  Read his story to learn more.


What prompted me to start writing?

This a good question which beckons a detailed answer. I’ve always been a creative person. Inspired by my father, who is reggae singer and songwriter, Initially, I started out as an artist. I love drawing and sketching! Being a Sci-Fi and avid fan of the seemingly impossible yet fanciful, I watched and drew a lot of supernatural stuff. I always think of the unimaginable and entertain far-fetched possibilities.

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In University and amidst a cliche boy-girl heartbreak, I began writing in order to make sense of things.  I wrote about my feelings and put my heart into many pages. I never took my writing seriously and hid it from everyone. I guess you could say I was embarrassed about what people would think of me. I didn’t want to be seen differently and, during my teenage years I wanted to maintain a cool reputation.

A very special and selfless person discovered my words and fed me with encouragement. Thus installing passion and belief in me. Since then I’ve explored many aspects of writing, from scripts to short stories and not to mention my first love, poetry. I created blogs and websites and just kept writing. The beauty of this is that everything and anything could inspire me. A television series, a trip to the shop or even a passing conversation. Writing helped me understand and quenched my confused and searching mind. I’m a good listener and an empathetic person and am able to write about things that I’ve never experienced myself. My mind can delve into another person’s shoes and comprehend alien experiences.

Where do I see myself in the next 5-10 years?

This is something I constantly review. Truthfully, I see myself writing a range of books full time. I’ve got many projects on my wish list and I want to bring these to life. I want to finish my poetry book first. My next aim depends on the reception my book obtains. Either I’ll do another poetry collection as I’ve so many pieces just sitting in my saved documents. Or, I’ll chase up some of the kid’s book series ideas I’ve been toying with. Eventually, I’d like to be a director and bring my stories to the big screen. I’d also like to visit schools and create workshops to inspire young creatives to pursues their passions.

Who inspires me?

Life and the people that walk this earth inspire me. There is an abundance of talented, unique people who all have a story to tell. My father and brother inspire me as we have a strong connection. We’re a family of dreamers and hopers, who want to be a positive change in this world. My father showed me that dreams never die and come true. It just depends on how bad you want it. The kids that I teach and the odd but wise things they randomly spurt out. The world really is different through a child’s eyes.

One thing I would change for artists?

Hmmm good question because although there are a lot of positives in this field, there are still some things I’d like to alter. If I had to pick one, I’d say a number of opportunities, options and support/money that is available to artists. Since working in schools I’ve been blessed to view two different parts of the same process. I’ve met adults who have so much talent and potential but, never had the chance to shine. Life, reality/lack of money and time has gotten the best of them and their true dreams have withered and died.

In contrast, the younger generation who have a pure naive mentality, think things just work out almost by magic. They don’t see the obstacles to achieving their dreams, they just see the fantasy. I believe with a lot more support, time and encouragement there would be a lot more content creatives in this world. People would actually get to live their dreams as opposed to being hung up on should’ve, would’ve and could’ve’s.

I am Kela Lewis-Morin, and that’s my story.