World Poetry Day

“I am feeling very poetic today”.

Today is recognized as World Poetry Day.
Here are four short pieces I wrote this morning in honour of this day. Let’s all get poetic today.

Machine Language

I don’t trust your machine,
what it does I fail to believe;
for I rather the human touch,
the assurance of another means much;
but your machine,
I don’t trust.

Push the Surf

However high,
however low,
changing tide,
the surf unknown,
watching it rise,
seeing it fall,
picking my ride,
answering my call.

Spring Forth

I waited for you,
I waited for this day
your eyes of bloom
your radiance in display
to find a break
from the gloom
and see the rays
unfold from your tomb.

Feeling Poetic

As they come,
an image I see,
the words unfold,
my thoughts revealed;
to the morning songbird
I listen to the sounds,
and write my story
that plays the words I’ve found.

O Stephen Peart. © Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

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