Turn to the Light

Pictures are painted first on our minds before they are shaped on canvas. This piece expresses a “vision” of our posture before God. The author writes and casts this vision, in which he sees a man standing with his back to the light. The man is determined to ignore it and stares into the darkness in front of him.

In the image, the man becomes even more obsessed with his shadow. The darkness he faced was made even darker by the shadow.

Today we feature Paul Williams’ in “Turn to the Light”. Paul’s expression is based on his faith and a reflection of Passion Week.

I see people everywhere
Their backs to the Light
Trying to find their way
Weak, lost in the dark of night.

Facing the darkened fraud
Loves’s rejected Light behind
Casts their selfish shadow
Making eyes blind.

Then One Dark Friday
The promised Light is sent
Darkness tries to extinguish
But is found in contempt.

Wherever Light so goes
Darkness must hide or flee
This is the Redeemer’s goal
Planned before, in Eternity.

Those in great Darkness
Have now seen Great Light
With our eyes unveiled
Rejecting death’s dark night.

The celebration commences
All the captives set free
Gather at the banqueting table
Worshipping God forever eternally.

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