The Splendor of the Sea

Quiet moments are the so rewarding by the sea. Watching the waves crashing and hearing the sounds playing along the shoreline. The Splendor of the Sea is part of the Released Expressions – the journey begins Collection. 

Whoosh! The waves crash against the rocks
At the foot of the hill
Creating a continuous tune of whoosh
In its crescendo form.

The wind in its unseen serenity
Accompanies the whoosh with a wooo…
Blending and orchestrating these natural tunes
Not fully understood by man.

How rugged the surface of the sea looks
As my eyes engulf its vast body
It seems so incongruous that within
The beauty of natural tunes the rugged
Path of the gruesome waves contrasts.

A seagull skims the waves in search of a final meal
One wonders if she will ever appreciate
Such a sacrifice, but it’s either her food and the waves
Or nothing but the bellowing stomachs she has to feed.

The sky is slowly darkening and soon all will be over
For our eyes may not behold
The splendor of the sea.

Will she ever go to sleep?
Only the music will tell.
Tomorrow, if it comes,
I shall return to the splendor of the sea.