How to Transform your World with the Social Experiment?

The Social Experiment started for us as a way to make a difference in others. Through the journey, we have discovered that not only are we making a difference but our lives have been transforming.

The Social Experiment is simple and anyone can be part of it. Some of us like to share our stories. That’s okay, as we believe it is not about bragging but about inspiring others to recognize that they too can make a difference.

How do I become part of the Social Experiment? All it takes is a commitment on your part that at least once each week/month you will step out and help someone else. It doesn’t require you to set a schedule but as you are going through your day, be more aware of what is happening around you and look for those subtle opportunities to help someone.

Imagine, let’s say you lived to be 60 years. Through that lifetime, you had the opportunity of meeting 3 new persons every day. This you started when you were 7 years old. Not factoring leap years, there are 365 days in a year. In that lifetime you would have met 58,035 persons.

Age New People Days Total People
60 3 365 58,035

Can you imagine what impact you would have had on those individuals?

You can come up with your own Social Experiment. As an example, I will share one of mine. You can modify it the way you wish.

  • Randomly give $5 away each month
  • Total of $60 for the year

Thank you for being a part of the network. We look forward to hearing your stories. Feel free to email us at with the subject line – “The Social Experiment”.