I’d Rather Not Talk About It Now

About This Poem

Finding a safe place, seeking out a safe person to talk with is a reality many live with daily. “I’d Rather Not Talk About It Now” exposes the thoughts that are often unheard or said. “I’d Rather Not Talk About It Now” is part of the Starting Over is NOT Impossible Collection, a Released Expressions Production.

I’d rather not talk about it now
For my heart is full and without
The hope of a new day tomorrow
The rest of the moment now.

My burden is too heavy to be lifted
As pound by pound more is added
And one issue rolls into another
I am filled beyond measure.

Where is the line of rescue
To draw me from this abyss not certain
Or will it all work out
To break through the mist, the fading curtain.

Copyright © 2018 O. Stephen Peart. All rights reserved. Reproductions in whole or in part in any form or medium without the expressed written permission of O. Stephen Peart are prohibited.

1 thought on “I’d Rather Not Talk About It Now

  1. O. Stephen Peart

    Thank you for sharing this piece. It speaks to those moments when life seems overwhelming and to know that you are not alone.

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