Moments…. every one count. Moments is part of the Released Expressions – the journey begins Collection.

One wonders why we need to care
To love, to share, precious moments,
Our time is valuable to those so dear
And close to our heart, to spend each moment.

Being in your presence, surrounded by your love
Gives me the peace that goes beyond the skies
Gliding, hugging the wind like a dove
O how I love to take the journey with you.

With tender patience I search your eyes,
Seeking to find the depth of your light
The deeper I get, the more I forget
And the radiance becomes an explosion
Of an overwhelming light.

For each moment, I seem to want more,
Distracted at times,
Those precious moments seem to slip by.

O let me, one moment, spend with you once more
To seek, to search and be surrounded
With those precious and personal moments.