There is a lot of noise around us.  One strategy to block the noise is to plug in with headsets.  That seems to be the universal language for “do not say anything to me”.

We all have the desire to be heard.  So we plug into Social Media.  It then seems that our words are losing meaning and often drowned in the noise.  The following is a follow-up to “I Simply Disagree“.

In the silence, I listen
to the noise that beckons
in the hollow of the distance
the voices thicken.

Failing to understand
the mangled words a fang
crippling the conversation
sounding the banging and the clang.

Waiting for the meaning
trying to find the feeling
what is being spoken
where really are we going?

Can we just but listen
in the words, we are sayin’
and find meaning, yes meaning,
for the purpose we’re craving.

O Stephen Peart Copyright 2017 All rights reserved.