Invisible Bridges

Have you ever been at a point in time when all seems to up against you? And you ask the question, what to do? “Invisible Bridges” speaks to those life journeys when you are at the final point and about to give up. There are Invisible Bridges awaiting for you to cross. “Invisible Bridges” is part of the C:re:ATE Collection, a Released Expressions Production.

Roadblock, Dead End, Stop, End of the Line, Cornered, nowhere to go.

Hopeless, Helpless, Harassed, Hassled, Hostage.


Where to turn?

What to do?

Who can I call?

How can I get out?

Why am I here?

What’s the story to display?

For I am about to give up.


Just when I thought

The end was where I was caught,

The image in the distant loom

Retracting my feeble eyes’ gloom.

A hand as a sign saying come

Invisible bridges before me I began to strum.


Copyright © 2018 O Stephen Peart. All rights reserved. Reproductions in whole or in part in any form or medium without the expressed written permission O. Stephen Peart are prohibited.