I Never Speak

Finding one’s voice in a competitive world can be challenging.  When you do find your voice, you will find your heart’s passion and purpose. Then you will never speak but you will began to truly say.

I wrote this piece as I was exposed to an unhealth environment where what was said was defined by a strict code and a continuous mention, “No you are wrong”. This was further filtered by the statement, “this is sharing”.

Healthy living I believe is around healthy conversations.

I never speak, ‘cause I have nothing to say,

I never speak, ‘cause you simply want your way,

I never speak, really what’s the point,

I never speak, for you’ve got an answer that I don’t.


For speech is an opportunity,

To exchange words

And bridge something far beyond me,

The conversation inspiring

Shaping the listening

And calling the passion within me.


I never speak when there is nothing to exchange,

I simply rather inform or attempt to explain,

Now fill in the gaps and figure the same,

Don’t be angry, I am just not what you claim.


Copyright © 2017 O Stephen Peart. All rights reserved. Reproductions in whole or in part in any form or medium without the expressed written permission O. Stephen Peart are prohibited.