How Do I Say What I Feel?

In the early writings of Released Expressions, the author expressed the idea of exploring how do you feel through questioning. In this piece, a conversation is engaged through stating the thoughts and delving yet further into expressing that part of how do I say what I feel.

Surrounded by the challenges of life,
Confused by the varying tones of encouragement,
Seeking to cut away the hurt and pain,
Trying to express, how I feel, what I feel.

O Lord, you are always there,feel
Have always been, waiting with an open ear,
For your children to be honest
Joined with our hearts to You
Release the clot, the seemingly permanent block
Of inward tension, resentment, and mistrust.

It seems the perfect moment to run to You
When in deep despair we may want to call
But my life has grown so far from You
And it seems like You are no longer there.

How do I say what I feel?
When deep down inside your love remains
But in reality, it seems that Love
No longer holds us together when we are apart.

I need You now more than ever before
For You to guide my way
My life without You is like a log
Drifting along the rapids of uncertainty.

To be near You is being a part of You,
And that’s where I long to be.
Hold me and draw me unto yourself
For I long to say what I feel.


The feeling that you can’t freely express yourself vocally is more common than we think. Many struggle to express themselves verbally and are often muzzled. In this conversational piece, the writer is candided in expressing and asking the question. How Do I Say What I Feel is part of the Released Expressions – the journey begins Collection.