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It all started with poetry, as the words poured out while on my bed; I was full and felt the pain for a new life, the thoughts flowed through my head. Then from the heart, it came pouring, I started to create; from the pages, I captured a journey that moment to this current date.

A journey into the inner thoughts, of my truth; that flooded my silence, an expression of my youth. My passion for purpose, my thoughts matched the words I claim. For poetry was my therapy, and the story of my song regain.

Over and over I wrote each story, upon the pages I found; as the words quietly came to me, where ever my senses heard a sound. Each one had its own meaning, my life filled with believing, opening up my imagination, of God’s amazing creation.

This was unstoppable so I kept creating.

Now I’m inspired by other’s story, as their lives unfold. Sensing their own journey, and finding their purpose to hold. Listening to their eyes sparkle, as I feel the words they say; and writing every syllable,┬ájust the way they play.

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