Focused on Unity

“In every institution the ultimate success is centered on a single unified vision.”

Take the people and instruct them on this. Seven days they will go walking around the great walls. For the six days, they should walk once around the walls. On the seventh day, seven times. Now there shouldn’t be any talking for the six days but on the seventh day, when instructed the people need to shout and the walls of the great city will tumble down.

This sounds like strange instruction for a multitude to carry out, however as one unit they executed the instructions and were successful in every detail and aspect of that instruction. Upon the shout, the walls of Jericho began tumbling down.

It is when we can recognize our purpose, understand the goal, obey the instructions, then the process of execution becomes easy and the delivery rewarding.

Redirect your focus

The energy of your focus decides the direction of your mind. When those are in tune then action will turn the course of time and reveal the rewards of the energy directed to the task.