The Story Behind Defining Moments

Defining Moments. Where the moments of our lives reflected upon gives new perspective on our present and future. Defining Moments is about growth and recognizing who we are in the process.

In my life time I’ve hurt many individuals. Some out of retaliation, some unintentionally, some out of my own selfish desires and some out of my own prejudice and some because I just did not like them. Does this makes me a bad person? Yes it does? Does this justify anything about who I am? No it does not. I often seek justification by showing up someone

I often seek justification by showing up someone elses faults. As I reflect on all that, I see what a wretch I am and it is not a very pretty view as I look into the mirror. Then I recognized God’s grace. Imagine God sent His son who was guiltless to take on my own sins and I am slapping Him in His face, spitting into his face and push vinegar to his lips.

Why did I write Defining Moments? I came to a point in my life where I had to come to the truth of who I am and what I am not but who I can become. Defining Moments is my journey from brokenness to a path of openness.

Faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Moving from Bitterness to Betterness. #definingmoments #changingforthebetter #leavingbitternessbehind
I’ve had my share of bitterness. Only to learn that bitterness simply sucks you into a downward spiral of despair. Being a father brings one privilege. You get to see and hear your children’s voices. Today I heard a woman cursing a man in a store. At one point I had to ask her to refrain from her foul language. When we got outside, my daughters asked me why was she so angry. I listened as they spoke and offered their thoughts about anger. Then I reflected on a conversation I had with a man I refer to as my second father. Misunderstanding, he said is one of the reasons people are so angry towards each other. Let’s work to #bebetter #notbitter.

Instead of Speak Up, doup.
#doup is taking action by doing rather than complaining.