C:re:ATE and let it GrOw.

My journey into the inner thoughts. The pouring of words to paper. The creation of a journey. The messages of expressions released.

It started with poetry as words poured out and landed on my paper. One sheet after another, like a river flowing it would not stop.

The journey started from a place that was new and different. Following graduation from high school, I launched into the next phase of my life. I was getting ready to go to University, in a different country and away from my family. Making the adjustment was not easy and I struggled.

This journey into starting a new life and the growing pain was not something I was prepared to handle. I was already an introvert that now withdrew from meaningful interactions with others. However, deep inside, there was that need for connection with others. At the time, I didn’t know how to make those connections, so I started to write. In those moments, I started to create what over the years has evolved into Released Expressions.

Poetry was my therapy. Poetry was my story. Poetry was my way of sharing my feelings. Poetry give me meaning. Poetry left me believing. Poetry often opened up my imagination and Poetry kept me writing.

For a while, all my writings were my personal point of expressions that were only seen by my own eyes. For the moment when it was written and then stored away, my expressions were never revealed.

When my father passed away, I came into another phase of my life. There was a pause from all the plans for university and I was back home. However, my writing never stopped. In this point, I started to reveal the expressions that were hidden in the pages of my journals. It wasn’t long after I did a personal publication which I dedicated to my mom and dad. This I had printed and sent to my mom. From there, as they say, the rest is history. montes,

My mom encouraged me to publish and Released Expressions – the journey begins was my first published book. Released Expressions was born.

Life is full of opportunities. If we face and see only points of pain, then we will lose out on seeing the points of expression.

C:re:ATE and let it GrOw.

I am O. Stephen Peart and this is my story.  #1T518