Cheerless Moments

Written at a time when the writer was reflecting on the meaning of moments of feeling dispondent and disillusioned. Cheerless Moments is part of the Released Expressions – the journey begins collection.

A deep sigh floats above the breath
Of each cheerless moment
Leaving the individual lost in a film
Of unbelief.
Life is precious,
Meaningful and worth living.

Take your time, think for a moment
Of what you are and have in your possession:
Did it come by chance or was it
Predestined? Did some superior being
Have his hands in control of what
Has occurred, will occur and continues to
Transpire each day you grow?

Cheerless moments: are they really worth it?
Can we indeed reap positive benefits from
Cheerless moments?
A sigh, a cry, a brief or maybe a prolonged
Moment of selfish muttering, why not?

Turn those cheerless moments to faithful sessions
In deep conversations with a Man who cares.
Cheerless moments will be no more
But unforgettable the step we take
In making that move to the Lord in
Cheerful shouts of joy that
Replace cheerless moments with cheerful consolation.