The Brush that Shaped His Form | The Reynold Thomas Story

Visioning shapes and forms, is Reynold’s passion on his canvas.

What prompted you to start painting?

As a child I was gifted with a talent of drawing. You would often see me with my sketchbook drawing images of my surroundings. I started painting as a way of self expression. It allowed me to put me own interpretation of how I view the world and has also granted me the opportunity to tell stories of culture, love, and identity which otherwise may have gone unheard.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

I hope to have traveled internationally to display my work and tell my story in the major art centers of the world. I would love to have my work to be recognized among the elite of my contemporaries.

Who Inspires you?

I find my inspiration in a number of different things. Most recently, working within the theme of beauty and strength, I find my inspiration in the strong women that have been placed in my life.

One thing you would change for artists?

I would make it a priority to grant artists the opportunity to showcase their work. I don’t believe the arts is something that is taken seriously in the education system and in a number of cases many young artists put their gifts aside to pursue a career that they are told is more practical. I would encourage other aspiring artists to strive for what they are passionate about.

I am Reynold Thomas and this is my story.