"Expressions We Believe In"

A  journey into the inner thoughts

We work to make words inspiring. We craft thoughts to share a story and draw on life to release their own expressions.

Poetry Is an Art. An avenue for expressing your inner thoughts. In fact, poetry brings out expressions from the inner man that would not be achievable by another means. This art does not require you to be within any class or culture and as such is open to all. The medium opens new dimensions in the human experience. Creative and dynamic, poetry gives you the freedom to write and express yourself the way you know best.

defining momentsStories allow us to dream again and that's what inspires the world. Defining Moments takes snap shots in points in time and share those stories.

"In Everything Give Thanks"

Life is not an accident and neither are you. Life is filled with challenges. The greatest gift of all is the gift of giving thanks. Start the day a fresh with that key word - thank you.

A moment it takes to start your day and lift your heart to simply say, I am thankful.

For a number of years, I held the manuscript to my first book in my library.  With no intention of sharing it with anyone else other than close friends and family.  Released Expressions was my personal book shelf copy.  I am sure this story is familiar as you might also be doing the same. You see, through this journey I came across a number of persons that have also written their own collection of poetry and other works.  However, either they did not have the desire to publish it or simply don’t know how to.  This guide is the vehicle to help you start the process and get you to the next level. Read on and welcome to the world of Released Expression… your journey begins here.

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A Story on Perspective


words for the heartWords for the Heart is more than just a poetry book. It is a life book, which is designed for the reader who is seeking inspiration in their own life's journey. Also unique to the book is the “writer’s block”, strategically placed for individuals to begin writing their own journey. This is a suggested read and a must write – start your journey here.

Content Development
When someone visits your website, you have mere seconds to capture their attention. We help you share you story with your customers and visitors.

Product Reviews
Before you go to market, it is important to test and get feedback. Your product is very personal. Your market is even more important. Our test and share process is how we do it.

The pen speaks for generations. Here at Released Expressions we believe in sharing stories to remind us of our pass in order to steer our future. We enjoy listening to your story and sharing it with others. Let's start that journey with you.

Trade Show

Don't forget your words at a trade show. If you do, you might have a lot to show but nothing to say. Let's help you with that. 

Writing Expressions