Perspective. Passion. Purpose.
Starting over is NOT impossible.


In the beginning was the word. It is our belief that you can start a story with one word. C:re:ATE is a Released Expressions production
designed for you to Express Yourself. What's on your mind? Just share a line. A phase is fine. A bit of your time and let's see what we can transcribe.

Defining Moments

Defining Moments are where stories are captured in a sentence. Take the journey as we explore various angles of life, with the twists and turns it presents to us every day.

Sharing Your Stories

We love to listen. For it is in listening that the voice speaks and the heart is engaged. It is through listening that we gain insights into the thoughts and produce what we call Released Expressions. 
What's your Story?

Express Yourself!

Words make a Difference. People produce Words. We connect the two and give you Expressions.

We end with your story

It starts with a word

O. Stephen Peart | Author. Writer. Listener.

A Business Process Practitioner focused on inspiring change and connecting perspectives. It is O Stephen’s belief that there are within each of us, expressions which are yet to be released. The Author challenges the reader to walk alongside him in this, his poetic journey. 

At Released Expressions we take the journey to share the story.  It all started with Poetry.  A source of healing for me and a way to share my own story. From the point of experiencing life, observing conversations, and interacting with others my words starting taking shape.

Everyone has a story but we are either afraid to share it , express it or even show it. Released Expressions is about the stories of our lives, we choose to start with poetry.

Welcome to the journey. Now let's start with you!


Perspective is taking that one thing and looking at it in different ways. Once we do that, we then create and share the story.


Without a purpose, nothing exists. Finding the purpose is our key. So while we listen we are looking for your purpose and there lies your story.